Providing spa services in an elegant but casual atmosphere, the Shana Spa in Manuel Antonio pampers guests with traditional as well as ground breaking Costa Rican spa therapies.

Incorporating the indigenous ingredients readily found in the immediate area, guests seeking a variety of fabulous massage therapies, body scrubs, body wraps, facials, manicures, pedicures, or specific cosmetic treatments will not be disappointed with this newest Costa Rica Spa Facility.

The internationally certified therapists at the Shana Spa are on call to consult with guests to create the most relaxing way to assist them in regenerating the mind, body, and spirit during their Costa Rica travels.

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Elements Massage

Relax & Decontracting treatment, enjoy a customized massage with different styles. Excellent to release muscle tension, and loose the body.

30 MIN – $50
50 MIN – $90
90 MIN – $125

Deep Tissue Massage

In this treatment, deep muscle manipulations are used with a special combination of strong version of Sports Massage and several body work techniques to sensitize and reactivate the body tissues.

50 MIN – $90
90 MIN – $135

Massage for Surfers

Is aimed at keeping you in top, flexible, pain free form, with increased range of motion and less risk of injury. Our treatment focuses on muscles and connective tissues specifically used during a surfing session. It aids in ridding lactic acid and preventing DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness). Our massage treatments are adaptable to suit not only board riders, but any ocean sports where paddling is concerned. Stand-up paddle, surf ski, life saving, outrigging, ocean swimming etc.

50 MIN – $90
120 MIN – $135

Reductive massage

Reductive Massage increases body temperature by facilitating the mobilization of adipose tissue and intensifying local circulation and metabolism, thus eliminating toxins and localized fat while improving irrigation and lymphatic drainage.

50 MIN – $85

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This gentle massage helps to drain toxins from your body and enhancing the immune system. The lymphatic drainage massage uses very light but firmpressure, as well as long, gentle, rhythmic strokes and soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes.

50 MIN – $90
90 MIN – $125

Hot Stone Massage

Is a type of massage therapy. It’s used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body. Benefits: Reduces stress and anxiety, promotes sleep, helps relieve muscle tension and pain, provides relief from pain with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel síndrome and other chronic conditions.
30 MIN – $50
50 MIN – $90
90 MIN – $125

Wood Therapy

The wood therapy consists of applying a massage using different wooden utensils specially designed to balance the patient’s energy, reaffirm and tone his body, and combat cellulite.

50 MIN – $85

Foot massage Love your feet

Foot deep exfoliation followed by a Elements Reflexology massage, and application of our special Wine or AloeVera mask, then your feet are snuggled up in a warm wrap.

30 MIN – $40

Elements facials

Spend the time enjoying a deep cleansing and renewing facial therapy – the perfect solution can be found is tailored to your skin type and includes cleanse, exfoliation and massage with products chosen to suit your skin type. Deep facial cleansing : includes: deep exfoliation, steam which open pores and hydrates the skin and removal of white and black spots, following by Elements facial massage to drain impurities. A soothing mask and a seal cream end the experience, glowing and completely relaxed.

60 MIN – $90

Anti-aging Facial

Germaine de Capuccini, by means of the most innovative cosmetic ingredients on the market, has advanced facial skincare of anti-ageing, hydrating, specific care for sensitive skin, combination skin, basic care… that adapts to your skin’s needs. Stimulate the production of collagen and elastin (to activate the messenger cells to keep producing active ingredients naturally). Finally, the tensor mask.

90 MIN – $125

Revitalizing facial

For a really quick relax and rejuvenate. This facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, Elements facial massage, mask and a moisture application leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh.

30 MIN – $50

Duo Ritual

Share a magic moment with that special person enjoying our particular Elements Massage, suitable according to your personal needs, ending with a facial treatment.

Includes: » welcome drink » Aromatherapy » Elementsmassage » Revitalizing facial

90 MIN – $125

Tropical Passion Ritual

Enjoy and ultra relaxing: Volcanic Hot Stone massage that increases blood flow and metabolism, ending with coconut and wild fruit moisturizing exfoliation for oxygenation and protection of the skin.

Includes: » Welcome drink » Aromatherapy » Hot stonemassage » Exfoliation of blueberry and coconut

120 MIN – $195

Ocean Lovers Ritual (Lomi lomi)

This healing treatment comes from Hawaii and it is an ancestral technique considered as a deep, rhythmic and harmonious therapy. It is like a sacred dance performed with organic coconut oil. This massage helps to restore energy flow, improving physical, mental and spiritual states. This experience finishes with a full-body wrap whit Aloe Vera and Revitalizing Facial. Specially designed to protect and regenerate the skin of sun exposure sand and sea water.

Includes: » Welcome drink » Aromatherapy » Massagefor surfers » Aloe vera wrap » Revitalizing facial

150 MIN – $225